Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Taking A Stand On Carpeting

  It is usually not a good idea to skimp on the quality of any major decorative element, but this is especially true of carpeting.  No other home furnishing offers the decorative impact, the sound-insulating qualities, the warmth and comfort that carpeting does.  For all these reasons, it makes the best sense to purchase the highest-quality carpeting that one can afford - even if it means waiting for finances to catch up to taste preferences.  Not only will high-quality carpeting look and perform better, it will last longer.  It will more than pay for itself past the point where lesser-quality goods will have had to be pulled up and replaced.  High-quality broadloom provides a far-reaching fashion statement upon which all other decorative elements can stand.  Begin your decorative strategy from the ground up with the choice of carpet color and texture.

  From your floors to your windows and walls, [Carole Frances Interior Design] has the quality merchandise required to create the look you desire.  The latest fashion ideas for your home await your selection.  Let us help you coordinate floors, walls and windows to complement and enhance your personal style.

  Hint:  Incorporate a custom-sculptured design within your carpet to further accent your decor!