Thursday, September 5, 2013

Adapting Hardware

"The success of any window treatment hinges on the quality and design of a hidden element, the hardware.  The selection and positioning of traverse rods, poles, tie-backs and hooks all contribute to the look and movement of the final product.  Most window treatments benefit from symmetrical positioning.  Some require special treatment to cover irregular shapes.  All demand adherence to practicality in their use.  To address all these factors, it makes sense to work closely with the window-treatment specialist.  His knowledge of hardware may make a treatment adaptable, where others may have rejected it as unworkable.  It is often the hidden elements that point the way to success.

  Window treatments are a specific area of decorating that is a specialization unto itself.  At [Carole Frances Interior Design], we are prepared to offer you the benefit of our experience in selecting window treatment ideas that are individually reflective of your taste.  From the simplest to the most difficult window, let us customize a look to meet your specific needs and desires.

Hint: The sliding glass or French door is one “window” element that often benefits from the window treatment knowledge of an expert.”   -On Interior Design

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