Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Right Touch

  "Accessories.  The small part of the total room design that makes a big difference!  Think about the accessories you are wearing today.  It's a personal matter you say?  Exactly right.  And that's what home accessories are, too.  Some are selected for style or to compliment other things in the room.  Some are gifts or items collected for sentimental value.  "Personal" however, does not mean that anything goes.  Here are some guidelines that will assist you.
  Begin by selecting those things necessary to make the room functional.  This includes the more obvious like lamps, clocks, picture frames, vases, candle holders, etc.
  The most basic consideration in selecting an accessory is its relationship to the environment.  Once you make your selections, the next concern is to display them to the fullest advantage.
  Whenever you highlight an individual item - a sculputure, an oil painting, a cloisonne vase - give it the position it deserves.  Let it be the focal point without crowding with other elements.  Use special lighting for special emphasis.  Group smaller accessories for added impact but; vary the sizes, colors, and textures for visual interest.
  Remember, well-chosen accessories not only enhance a room but are a clear reflection of you!" -On Interior Design

Dollar For Dollar

  "Kitchen improvements are the best investments that homeowners can make.  While the amount of return on investment varies according to location and cost, the average kitchen remodel yields half again its orginal cost at resale time.  No wonder home sellers are remodeling their worn and outmoded kitchens.  A remodeled and upgraded kitchen not only helps sell a home, it sells it for more.
  Achieving balance and harmony in the total look of your room creates interest and appeal in your room's decor.  When redecorating your kitchen or bath, you want to coordinate these rooms to complement the rest of your house keeping a feeling of unity and harmony flowing throughout your home." - On Interior Design

Friday, February 22, 2013

Design Tip

"Consider each area in the home as a small stage, then design it accordingly."

A Review

A review from one of our clients:

"We completed a challenging floor plan in Summer 2011 for our great room (living room) through [Carole Frances Interior Design] and feel like the result looks straight out of a high-end design catalogue. They came up with a really creative layout that fully optimized the floor plan, our hosting style, and general lifestyle parameters. I have scoured every furniture and design store over the years, and have not seen anywhere the items that they purchased for our project. I am no longer envious when I turn on HGTV!

I was nervous about hiring designers due to the perception of high costs. I interviewed several designers, and I felt Carole's business model would be the best fit for our needs. Also, their affiliated vendors are not available to retail consumers; they're available only to the design industry. And best of all, the total cost was comparable to a Macy's but at a high-end, exclusive quality and look.

To describe what they did for our room, "transformation" is an understatement! They work really well together, have experience in every design style across a range of budgets, and lack any pretension."  -Jolly  (7/18/2011)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Carole Frances Interior Design

 Hello world.  My name is Shannon and today we are starting a blog for Carole Frances Interior Design.  It is my pleasure to open our world up to you.

Carole Frances Interior Design brings 35 years of design experience.  Carole is the principal designer, but there is another senior designer who adds support, her name is Alisa Harvey.  I am also part of the team; I work with office management, online marketing, and e-commerce.  Every week you will learn a little bit more about us and what we are currently working on.  We will share our knowledge and experience with you.

Watch for our helpful hints.  Our blogging will include many aspects of our business.  We will share color schemes, design style and tips and bring you into our world of design.  We will also highlight our accessories and d├ęcor from our online store and we will share current projects.  We look forward to helping you love the space you live in even more than you already do.

You can visit our website to see what we have done in the past and browse our Design Boutique at  Our Design Boutique holds items that are unique and aesthetically pleasing.  We show a wide range from lamps, to planters, to vases, and some of my favorite sculptures.  Please join us in appreciating these distinctive products.

Our designers create works of art in both residential and commercial.  Our residential focus includes custom homes, model homes, and multi unit homes.  Our commercial focus includes senior living, medical, hospitality, recreational, and office buildings.

Scope of services: space planning, floor and counter specifications, wall and ceiling treatments, custom, built-ins, window treatments, color consulting, fabric, furnishing, art, rugs and accessories.  We also have an architect available.

We are excited to include you in our journey through design.

Thank you,

The team at Carole Frances Interior Design